• We incorporate the ancient art of acupuncture and modern complementary therapies with a foundation based in western veterinary medicine, providing a whole-body approach to your horse's health.

Acupuncture - Spinal Manipulation - Therapeutic Laser - Herbal Medicine

  • Thank you for allowing us to provide the medicine we love for the animals you love.

Enjoying the sunshine and warmth before the cold front rolls in. ☀️ Our mobile veterinary practice provides equine acupuncture and spinal manipulation for horses in central Texas. We come to you and your horse! Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

You won’t find us working on non-equines very frequently... but when the patient is this adorable (and dressed for the holidays), she’s practically the size of a horse but sits calmly on the couch for both acupuncture and laser, and the appointment is inside out of the cold, how could we say no?!? Please also notice the curious sister spying through the window, she’s equally as cute and almost equally as big! 🐶🐶 PC: @murphyrunt

Thankful for thoughtful Christmas gifts today! These new fingerless gloves are keeping Dr. Reed’s hands toasty while still allowing her to have dexterity during this electroacupuncture appointment. #thanksmom #brrr ❄️