Cold Laser Therapy for Horses

Therapeutic Laser

Therapeutic laser, also called cold laser therapy and low level light therapy (LLLT), is a safe, painless, noninvasive treatment modality for many common equine conditions, including:

  • Poorly healing wounds and post-operative incisions
  • Arthritis, such as hock and coffin joint arthritis
  • Ringbone, navicular syndrome
  • Back soreness and sacroiliac (SI) pain
  • Muscle pain, tension, and spasms
  • Nerve injuries, such as Sweeny and radial neuropathy
  • Tendon and ligament injuries

Equipuncture also utilizes therapeutic laser in the form of laser-acupuncture for the treatment of needle-shy patients and notably painful or tense areas, as well as in conjunction with traditional needling for certain conditions. Laser-acupuncture has the same effects on the body and benefits as traditional acupuncture - for more information about the benefits of acupuncture please click here.

What is laser therapy? How does it work?

When the laser is directed toward tissue (skin, muscle, tendon, etc.) the photons produced by the laser are absorbed by the tissue cells causing an increased production of cellular energy (Adenosine Triphosphate or ATP).

Equipuncture provides therapeutic laser services with a Class 1M Super Pulsed laser. This super pulse technology provides short bursts of these photons, which allows for deep penetration into the tissue without pain or risk of thermal injury.

How often will my horse need laser therapy?

Frequency of treatment and number of treatments varies based on the condition and individual being treated, however improvements are often noticed after the first session. In general, acute (newer) conditions require fewer treatments than chronic (older) conditions. Some conditions, such as arthritis, require regular maintenance therapeutic laser sessions for pain management.