Forms & Resources

Equipuncture New Patient Form

Options for completing and submitting the form:

  1. You may complete, sign and submit the form digitally by clicking on the this link.
  2. To fill out a "hardcopy" form please download, complete and sign the "Equipuncture Patient Admission Form". Then, either email a copy to or text a picture to 512-522-8164 prior to your horse's appointment.

The "Equipuncture Patient Admission Form" is required for all new patients (one per horse). Thank you!


Some of Dr. Reeds Favorite Acupuncture Points!

  • Pictures and descriptions of some of our favorite acupuncture points
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Conditioning & Physical Therapy Tools

A few commonly recommended tools used for equine conditioning exercises


Five-Element Equine Temperament Test

Temperament testing or personality testing is an interesting (and fun!) way to better understand your horse.

One method of personality testing is to use Five-Element Theory, which was created and defined by Traditional Chinese Medicine. These five elements are FIRE, EARTH, METAL, WATER, and WOOD. Horses are often influenced by several of these elements, but may align primarily with one element in particular. The descriptions of each element, which have been adapted from several sources, are listed below.

Can you determine which element(s) best describes your horse?


Articles & Books

Love to read?? Here are some great articles and books that are Dr. Reed approved!