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Prescription: Veterinary-Directed Equine Rehabilitation

The world of equine rehabilitation and sports medicine is a highly specialized field. Veterinarians have an abundance of tools, technology and resources to return injured equine athletes to competition.

Rehabilitation and physical therapy are key following many sports medicine injuries. In addition, good conditioning and nutrition programs can help our equine friends avoid injury in the first place. Check out this article by Platinum Performance.

Check out this great picture of the equine neck! 🐴❤️ A look inside a horses neck from right behind the poll at C1 (right) all the way down the neck to C7 (left). Horses have seven cervical vertebrae, the first two are named atlas and axis. The atlas and the back of the skull form what is commonly referred to as the poll joint. The last cervical vertebra forms a joint with the first thoracic vertebra at the cervicothoracic junction.