The Texas Horseman

"A Veterinarian's Thoughts on Equine Acupuncture"

Acupuncturist on Fire

"Veterinary Acupuncture with Ginger Reed" - an interview with AJ Adamczyk of the Acupuncturist on Fire podcast featuring Dr. Ginger Reed VMD cVMA.

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"Acupuncture for Horses - Q&A with Dr. Ginger Reed VMD cVMA"

Austin Pets Directory - Issue 7, Vo. 14

"Needles in the Haystack: a needle with a big impact on equine health"

Off Track Thoroughbreds

"Vet tips on keeping your horse comfy in winter"

"Can Horses Get Frostbite? A vet explains when horses are at risk of frostbite, and what you can do to prevent it."